Vectra Cognito Detect is a solution for detecting and responding to threats occurring on the network. With the ability to capture and analyze traffic using patented machine learning algorithms, even previously unknown attacks can be identified in real-time. The system can collect data from multiple environments, such as private networks, public cloud and SaaS applications. With artificial intelligence, it detects and prioritizes advanced threats, and with the ability to integrate with third-party solutions currently in use, it can also respond quickly and effectively.

Vectra AI is a US-based company that provides an NDR-class platform for monitoring and detecting threats in IT networks. Vectra's Cognito platform provides continuous, automated network monitoring to reveal unknown cyber-attacks. The system also provides integration capabilities with a range of third-party solutions, making it capable of not only detecting threats but also proactively responding to them.

The Cognito platform consists of 3 individual modules.

Description of technology


COGNITO DETECT - automates real-time detection of intruders and hidden, unknown threats in private networks, public clouds and SaaS applications.

COGNITO RECALL - stores logs augmented with additional metadata that are stored in the vendor's cloud, where security analysts can analyze historical incidents and store extended data for a long time.

COGNITO STREAM - allows detection data to be sent in Zeek format to existing solutions running in customer environments, such as data lake or SIEM

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