Description of technology

Network routers

Infinera - a supplier of optical transmission devices WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) intended primarily for the implementation of long-range connections. The portfolio includes Coriant products - reliable solutions for applications in mobile networks and MPLS as a Label Edge Router (LER) and also as a Label Switch Router (LSR). It is also a comprehensive product portfolio, including devices for small metropolitan networks, DCI connections, and even the largest wide area networks (WAN), as well as open network solutions with rich integration and automation possibilities. As a vertically integrated company, Infinera offers outstanding product performance thanks to numerous in-house designed and created solutions - from photonic and specialized integrated circuits to complete hardware and software systems. The expanded offering enables the company to provide its proven tools from the core to the edge of the network and leverage the industry-leading cost-effectiveness and unmatched optical performance of its vertically integrated Infinite Capacity Engine to deliver outstanding customer benefits such as: innovative technology to quickly deliver on-demand bandwidth from edge to core, quick and easy deployment of new connections thanks to multi-layer automation based on the type of network service, instant scalability to meet ever-growing bandwidth needs.

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