Description of technology


IVANTI NEURONS - IT service management is a big challenge and users expect more and more. Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is an IT service management platform that turns helpdesk and support teams into strategic business activators. Cloud optimized but also available locally, it improves daily operations based on the ITIL standard. From reporting to problem resolution. Thanks to the extensive use of self-service, it optimizes the consumption of resources, allows for effective cooperation with users.


IVANTI MDM / UEM CONSOLE - the fundament of a platform for managing, configuring, and creating security policies for mobile devices, dedicated to Android and iOS, but also allows you to manage Windows 10 and macOS. Depending on the needs, it is possible to implement the system in the on-prem version or use the cloud version, and the architecture in both cases has been simplified to a minimum and does not require the purchase of additional licenses, e.g., for a server system or a commercial database. In 2022 Ivanti has introduced a new nomenclature for the MDM / UEM console: the cloud console is Ivanti Neurons for MDM (previously Mobileiron Cloud); the on-prem console is Ivanti Endpoint Manager for Mobile (previously Mobileiron Core). Ivanti ZSO (Zero Sign-On, previously Mobileiron Access) is a complement to the MDM / UEM console, for Customers requiring top security solutions for corporate cloud services, such as Microsoft / Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox ( or other systems that support the SAML 2.0 standard). ZSO allows you to precisely define WHO, from WHICH device and with WHICH application it connects to the company's cloud service. In addition, ZSO supports the zero sign-on mechanism that increases user security by resigning from the use of passwords in favor of authentication based on the use of digital certificates. For proper operation, the ZSO requires so-called identity provider (e.g., Microsoft ADFS, PingOne or Octa).

Mobile security

MOBILE THREAT DEFENSE (MTD) - is a supplement to the mobile devices’ protection provided by the MDM / UEM console. It is a mobile EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) dedicated to Android and iOS. The operation of MTD is based on protection of device integrity (e.g., advanced root or jailbreak detection), protection against network threats, protection against malware, as well as anti-phishing protection. A unique advantage of MTD from Ivanti is offline operation (even when the device is not connected to the mobile network or wifi). The implementation does not require any action on the part of the phone user as the MTD client is integrated with the mobile MDM / UEM client. The last aspect is a unique feature among solutions of this type, which allows for trouble-free activation of security measures without any interaction from the user's side of the phone.


PULSE POLICY SECURE - a high-reliability solution that allows granting access to local network resources to authenticated users and devices. It has the ability to integrate with many sources of identity, including Radius, AD, SQL DB, internal account database. Works with multiple network equipment manufacturers (LAN, WIFI, VPN). The solution has unique features such as the ability to perform machine and user authentication in a single EAP transaction and endpoint monitoring in continuous mode with the ability to immediately notify the server about status change.

VPN Gateway

PULSE CONNECT SECURE - this solution allows providing users with internal resources of the organization using a browser or VPN client. It can create extensive authentication and authorization policies and allocate access to resources based on the role. The unique features of the solution include the ability to assess the status of the client station and RDP and SSH access using only the browser without installing the agent and creating remote sessions for service access.

Vulnerability Management

PATCH MANAGEMENT - In an increasingly complex and scattered infrastructure, installing security patches and updates is a huge challenge and burden for the IT department. Ivanti can solve this problem quickly and efficiently and propose a solution tailored to the customer's requirements and considering various infrastructure elements. Thanks to the patch inventory, you can see at any time which systems have already been updated and which are still vulnerable. You can create policies based on the criticality of your patches and force the installation of the most important ones as soon as they are released. Ivanti Patch Management tools strengthen the security condition, allow to stop both "known" attacks and limit the possibility of using unknown vulnerabilities in the software.

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