Pulse Secure



Description of technology


PULSE POLICY SECURe - a high-reliability solution that allows granting access to local network resources to authenticated users and devices. It has the ability to integrate with many sources of identity, including Radius, AD, SQL DB, internal account database. Works with multiple network equipment manufacturers (LAN, WIFI, VPN). The solution has unique features such as the ability to perform machine and user authentication in a single EAP transaction and endpoint monitoring in continuous mode with the ability to immediately notify the server about status change.

VPN Gateway

PULSE CONNECT SECURE - this solution allows providing users with internal resources of the organization using a browser or VPN client. It can create extensive authentication and authorization policies and allocate access to resources based on the role. The unique features of the solution include the ability to assess the status of the client station and RDP and SSH access using only the browser without installing the agent and creating remote sessions for service access.

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