In mid-February 2020 Arista Networks acquired BIG Switch Networks, a company specializing in software-defined networks. As a result new solutions appeared in the CLICO distribution portfolio:

Big Monitoring Fabric  is a Next Generation Network Packet Broker type of solution. BMF is dedicated to monitor computer networks traffic (enterprise, data center as well as in operator networks). Thanks to Network Packet Broker, we can collect traffic from various places in the network and then copy or redirect it to other systems, e.g. IDS / IPS, Web Application Firewalls, Wireshark, UTM, Network Performance Monitors, anti-virus systems, etc. In addition Arista Big Monitoring Fabric allows filtering such traffic based on headings of layers 2.3 and 4 as well as deep inspection. It is also possible to modify sent information, i.e. deduplication, payload removal, removal of unnecessary headers (which monitoring tools may not support) as well as hiding of sensitive data, e.g. credit card numbers or access passwords.

Big Switch_1

Big Cloud Fabric is an SDN controller dedicated to data centers. It enables easy configuration and then management of the data center network infrastructure, which is treated as one logical device. Integration with VMWare vSphere / NSX / vSAN, OpenStack, Kubernetes or Nutanix Arista BCF allows easy launch of new services thanks to simple and automated reconfiguration of underlay and overlay networks and the collected telemetry data provide information on the status of the network and applications.

Big Switch_2

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